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Looking for certifications? Our coaches hold the SPC4 certification and are able to offer courses and certifications in the Scaled Agile Framework.
Our classes offer an engaging mix of principles and real-world examples so you can put your new certification to use immediately.
If are interested in a public or private class in your area, please contact us directly.

Leading SAFe 4.5

Applying a Lean-Agile mindset with SAFe 4.5 Lean-Agile Leader (SL) Certification

For executives, managers, consultants, and Agile change agents responsible for leading a Lean-Agile change initiative in a large software enterprise who want to learn about applying the Scaled Agile Framework, lean, and product development flow principles in their enterprise context so that they can lead the adoption of the Scaled Agile Framework.

SAFe Scrum Master

SAFe Scrum Master with SSM Certification

For new or existing Scrum Masters, team leads, Release Train Engineers who want to understand the role of Scrum in the context of the entire enterprise, and learn how to build high performing Agile teams by becoming a servant leader and coach so that they can build high performing Agile teams, and coach those teams to deliver the maximum business value that is achievable through SAFe.

SAFe Advanced Scrum Master

SAFe Advanced Scrum Master with SASM Certification

For Scrum Masters, team leads, facilitators, managers, Agile coaches, and process champions who want to aim to advance their expertise and practical ability in enabling and facilitating Agile/Scrum teams in the enterprise environment so that they can offer a systems view of the Scrum Master role in the enterprise and provide integrated practices for facilitating teams in larger Agile programs.

SAFe Product Owner / Product Manager

SAFe Product Owner / Product Manager with POPM Certification

For Product Owners, Product Managers, Business Owners, Product Line Leads, Program Managers, Business Analysts who want to understand how to best work together to deliver continuous value within a Lean-Agile software enterprise so that they can better enable product development flow, enable scrum team delivery, and help foster the adoption of the Scaled Agile Framework within their enterprise.

SAFe for Teams

SAFe for Teams with SP Certification

For all stakeholders of an Agile Release Train at the beginning of its SAFe journey who want to learn how to become Agile Teams, build their backlog, and plan and execute iterations so that they can prepare to run a Program Increment (PI), including all meetings at the Team and Program level with a specific focus on the upcoming PI planning during a SAFe Implementation.

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