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What is Agile?

Agile is a combination of practices that organizations use to prioritize and complete work. What sets Agile apart from other approaches is the collaborative mindset which allows organizations to respond to the changing needs of their stakeholders or customers.

Since the Agile Manifesto states that we prioritize “individuals and interactions over processes and tools,” the only way to know if we’re “doing agile right” is to know if it’s working for the people who do the work and for those who accept it.


Three are a number of different processes that are used to prioritize, plan, visualize, and deliver value such as Scrum and Kanban. These processes work for small teams and can be combined and adapted to work at each level of the organization. When these methodologies are connected at all levels the organization can achieve true Business Agility, meaning that the entire enterprise can pivot to meet new needs quickly with minimal sunk cost.

PIVOT Agile can help.

In a good organization people are personally and emotionally attached to their work. This makes change difficult. PIVOT Agile coaches know how to help people at all levels of the organization work through the transformation process. More importantly, our coaches can help your leaders embrace the skills and attitudes required to reduce fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

PIVOT Agile coaches have utilized Agile practices to deliver value in some of the most complex environments. At the same time, they have guided microbusinesses and startups. They know how to work with people around the globe and next door.


Whether it’s improving your team’s effectiveness or overhauling your entire innovation to delivery lifecycle, PIVOT Agile can help.

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